California Vaccine Law and Homeschooling

California put a law into place recently that has a lot of parents confused and frustrated. In short, the law states that children (all children) must have all of their vaccines done and they must have proof of them before they can enroll in a school. The only exception that is allowed for children is if there is some sort of medical exception (allergic reaction, seizures, etc) that makes it so that they can’t get vaccines.

California Vaccine LawSo, why does this bring up such an issue? First off, there are some parents who believe that vaccines cause a wide array of health issues, including autism. While there is still debate going on about whether or not this is the case (and there isn’t currently a lot of medical research to back those claims up), California decided to take the initiative and declare that you just can’t get a exemption anymore, and that a doctor has to be involved in your decision and approve it according to the state guidelines.

Now, here’s where the law comes into play and how it could affect whether or not children are even allowed to go to school. According to a Philadelphia Attorney; those medical restrictions are incredibly strict, and there are some children who, even though vaccines may make them ill, do not fall into those. So, parents worry that their only solution is to be to go ahead and just homeschool their children so that they don’t have to get them vaccinated or risk the dangers (or what they perceive to be the potential dangers) related to using vaccines.

There is still debate on how this is going to work, and there are a lot of states that have their eyes on California to see how the whole thing is going to go. Is it going to stop epidemics from illnesses that we got rid of long ago because of vaccines? Or is it not going to change much? What do you think about this topic and do you think the California law is legitimate and should be copied by other states in the future?

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