Preventing Mobile Device Theft

There are a lot of laws out there related to mobile phone theft and, because of that, a lot of people have been trying to navigate their way through all of what is going on through a criminal defence lawyer. One of the biggest changes that has happened in the industry is that it’s a lot harder for people to get into phones in the first place – with passcodes and device protection methods, it’s becoming more and more useless for people to go and steal mobile devices.

Mobile Device TheftThere are statements out that states are looking to develop laws that will make it even more difficult for people to steal phones and actually be able to use them, with the use of device protection methods, says one criminal defence lawyer. These basically don’t even allow you to factory reset the phone without putting a passcode in. That means that people can’t go in and mess up people’s phones without actually knowing the passcode so that they can get into it. And states are now looking at making it required for phone companies to have this as part of their phones, for free.

Apple and Google have had these options before, but they weren’t as extensive as what states are talking about doing with these laws. Each phone company will have their own options that they can utilize in order to achieve this end, and there will probably be a lot of creative things that these companies do to help prevent phone theft in the future. Who knows, with how common technologies related to fingerprints and such have gotten, that may be the way that things end up going in the future when it comes to keeping mobile devices safe.

What do you think? Will these sorts of things make it more difficult for phone thefts to happen? Do you think that the states should step in and make laws where it is required for companies to make this a part of the standard plan or setup for a phone? If you’ve had these services, do you use them and do you feel more secure? Let us know in the comments.

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